Scott Creek/Bradbury/Longwood Community mailing list

The SBL Community mailing list (or email group) is a mailing list for the community of Scott Creek, Bradbury and Longwood areas of the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. It also includes many people from the surrounding areas such as Ironbank and Mylor too.

This list is intended to allow easy communication between members of the local community. Any topic relevant to the local community is encouraged to be posted or discussed here. The aim is to keep messages non-political and focussed on the local community, so politics and/or political statements are NOT permitted.

Keep up to date with local activities, events and issues!

You can join the list here: http://groups.google.com/group/sbl-community.
If you are a member you can send your message out the community by sending an email to: sbl-community@scottcreek.org.au or sbl-community@googlegroups.com (both go to the same place).

If you are having difficulties joining or want to contact the list moderators, you can send an email to: SBL Moderators.

Community Safety Information

Refer to the Bradbury CFS Community Links page.